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Aspen Art Museum


Kelly Akashi Activity Card


– Akashi started out in photography, using traditional methods. She took pictures with film and developed her images by hand, often manipulating them further in the darkroom.

– She now makes intricate sculptures using a large variety of contrasting materials, including bronze, glass, and wax. Though these materials appear very different in the finished piece, they share the process of melting into a liquid, being shaped, then hardening into the final form.

– Akashi often hangs her pieces, creating a sense of floating and movement.

– Some artists choose to paint or sculpt figures to represent individuals in their artwork. Akashi uses things like a cast of her hand or marks she made in hot glass to represent herself in her work.

Guided Questions:

– Why do you think Akashi uses very different materials to create a sculpture?

– What memories and feelings come to mind when you look at Akashi’s sculptures?

– If you were to choose something that best represents you, what would you decide to paint, draw, or sculpt? Why?


– Press a finger from each of your friends or family members onto an ink pad and then press it on a piece of paper. Make sure to write each name next to the fingerprints. Discover the differences and similarities between all of the prints.

– Go outside and look at two of the same types of flowers, blades of grass, sticks, rocks, etc. Draw the natural objects and notice the similarities and differences between each pair of items.