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Aspen Art Museum



Nancy and Bob Magoon Director
  Nicola Lees

Chief Development Officer
  Jaclyn Carr

Director of Operations
  Christine Egaña Navin

Junior Chief of Staff
  Madeline Almen

Executive and Administrative Assistant
  Erik Hesselman


Director of Curatorial Affairs
  Daniel Merritt

Head of Exhibitions
  Anna Martin

  Simone Krug

  Claude Adjil
  Stella Bottai
  Matthew Higgs
  Chrissie Iles
  Anisa Jackson
  Monica Majoli
  Urs Fischer

Installation Crew
  Courtney Kenny
  Jason Smith
  Tito Vila

Marketing & Communications

Lead Marketing Team
  Alix Dana
  Hyatt Mannix

Graphic Design & Social Media Coordinator
  Amy Gurrentz

Public Relations
  Please direct all inquiries to Allison Rodman

Development & Events

Director of Events & Membership Cultivation
  Angela Bellotte

Operations and Hospitality Manager
  Alex Fonseca

Assistant Events Manager
  Renata Bustamante

Development Officer
  Liza Sakamoto

Development Associate
  Grace Gutierrez


Director of Education and Community Programs
  Teresa Booth-Brown

School, Youth and Family Programs Manager
  Sabrina Piersol

Community Programs Manager
  Kathy Marquez

Education Coordinator
  Michael Raab

Facilities & Information Technology

Director of Facilities
  Vince Hart

Facilities Coordinator
  Mike Montesillo

IT Administrator
  Derek Mitchell


Financial Controller
  Janelle Caudill
  Chase Golucke

Museum Shop

Head of Retail and Visitor Services
  Zach Carver

Retail Associates
  Andy Martinez
  Alec Feldman

Guides & Visitor Services

Visitor Services Manager
  Mardy Hickerson

Visitor Services Associate
  Jason Wright

Lead Guide
  Roper Moreno

  Sue Shufro
  Ines Vergara
  Phillip Ramsay
  Konner Syed
  Suzanna Willard
  Aaliyah Workman
  Megan Rusby
  Mayan Schmidt


Security Manager
  Noah Williams

Security Officers
  Manny Doron
  Kelli Bohl