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Aspen Art Museum


Wine & War

Sep 12, 2021
2:00 PM
Free and open to the public

Registration required

Join us for a screening of Wine & War and a limited tasting of library vintages from Chateau Musar in collaboration with the Food & Wine Classic on our rooftop.

Wine & War (2021) is a feature documentary about the history of winemaking in Lebanon and the resilience of the Lebanese entrepreneurial spirit seen through the lens of war and instability.

The idea was to make a film that celebrated the resilience of the Lebanese entrepreneur through the prism of wine. It is a story starts in the 2nd BC, when the Phoenicians, the ancient Lebanese, with their awesome trading empire gave the gift of wine to the then known world. They were the first wine merchants! But the main reason they created such vast commercial network throughout the Mediterranean was that they, like the Lebanese over subsequent centuries, had to travel beyond their shores to seek prosperity due to constant instability at home. In doing so, the Lebanese became the masters of crisis management, a skill personified by Lebanon’s winemakers who for thousands of years have gone about their work in war, famine, occupation and the constant hum of political instability.

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