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Aspen Art Museum


String Quartet for Six Players, with Stephen Prina

Aug 5, 2021
6:30 PM

Free and Open to the Public

Registration required

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Aspen Art Museum

Stephen Prina will stage a special performance of his 1976 composition String Quartet for Six Players, which takes as a starting point Mozart’s String Quartet No. 15 in D minor, albeit conceptually rearranged. Using chance as a guiding compositional principle, the work is performed in response to the throwing of a die. Musical performers are from the Aspen Music Festival and School.

Stephen Prina works in various media, including installation, painting, sculpture, film, and musical performance. His work examines the production and consumption of culture by making pre-existing media his regular point of departure, from the complete paintings of Manet to the classical compositions by Mozart to the book his father used to learn English upon emigrating to the United States. Without discarding their original meaning, Prina re-arranges and re-presents ideas to bring new possible meanings to the fore.

This deconstructive approach poses questions about authenticity, authorship, and originality. Prina’s bodies of work often form continuous series in which elements are often revisited and repeated over the course of his career. Prina creates a framework of references that recontextualizes history with the contemporary, deftly drawing connections and challenging assumptions about representation and the role of art objects.