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Aspen Art Museum


Learning events

  • Jul 8

  • Jul 15

    • Design and build for a better world in this collaborative project-based workshop with a special focus on Bauhaus-inspired design. We’ll work to create a design solution that integrates the environment with daily needs. Teens will unveil their projects at an art show for friends and family at the end of the week. Taught by Pamela Rice, Associate Professor of Architecture at SUNY Orange, and Heike Hanada, architect of the new Bauhaus Museum in Weimar.

    • Using Op art as our muse, we’ll design and print a colorful medley of geometric patterns on fabrics to cut, sew, and assemble a wearable item and a unique accessory that express our individual tastes and flair for fashion with an eye-catching pop. We’ll unveil our designs for family and friends at the end of the session.

    • Join us in this workshop inspired by the majestic mountains of Colorado! We will adventure around Aspen, from Aspen Mountain to the Maroon Bells, in order to create 2-D landscape artworks based on our beautiful surroundings. Responding to the views around us, young artists will create realistic and imaginative landscapes using various mediums!

  • Jul 17

    • Heike Hanada is a German architect who teaches at the Technical University of Dortmund and runs an architectural studio in Berlin. Her significant projects include participation in the 1999 Venice Art Biennale in cooperation with Tatsuo Miyajima, who was representing Japan in the Japanese Pavillon. In 2008, she won the competition for the extension of the Stockholm Public Library, and since 2012, she has designed and almost completed construction on the new Bauhaus Museum in Weimar.

  • Jul 22

    • Shapes, colors, and collages—oh my! Let’s create together in this 2-D workshop through the use of colors, scribbling, and dripping. Based on the work of Etel Adnan, we will use the artist’s process to create colorful landscapes!

    • How do you want to present yourself to the world? Participants will be encouraged to observe current trends and produce individual looks. We will repurpose fabrics while developing the sewing skills necessary to create cool couture. We’ll wear and share our finished projects at a fashion show at the end of the week!

    • Connect the dots between people, places, and history in this mixed-media workshop! Inspired by the work of Rashid Johnson and his interest in our changing relationship to places, we will make maps of our homes and the places we love through the use of many different materials.