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Aspen Art Museum

  • Jun 3

    • Beauty can often be found in imperfections if you know how to look! Based on Margaret Kilgallen’s hand-painted artworks, we will create our own beautiful pieces that show our hands in the process of creation. Students will be encouraged to celebrate “mistakes” and turn them into masterpieces using painting, printing, and drawing methods.

    • Young artists in this workshop will create whimsical artworks all by hand. Huggable hand-sewn softies, decorative prints on wood, and colorful paper cuttings are just a few of the projects that will capture the beauty and charm of the handmade. Some artworks will be made as gifts to be given away at the end-of-week art show.

  • Jun 10

    • What would E = MC2 look like as a painting? Find out in this workshop where arrangements of carefully selected materials will represent an artful science. Balanced compositions and unique assemblages will emerge from readymade objects such as dinner plates, neon tubes, and soda cans. A new world will unfold through the beauty of artistic equations!

    • Design is all around us! From words on signs to spaces we interact with, a designer can turn an idea into a work of art. Taking inspiration from the works of Margaret Kilgallen and Oscar Tuazon, join us as we learn about making layouts, visual design, and typography in order to make our own zine!

  • Jun 17

    • Collections come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. Naturalists collect and sort things they find into similar groupings to better understand the world around them. Join us at Hallam Lake as we observe, gather, and classify the plants and animals we find, providing inspiration for your own creative collections.

    • Lights, camera, action! Put your director hat on and come join us for a fun-filled week of directing, designing, and producing your own stop-motion animation film. The week will end with a special screening for family and friends.

    • “If you want it to be art, it could be.” Let’s get to work in a hands-on workshop inspired by this quote from artist Oscar Tuazon. We’ll explore the relationships between form and function and use and uselessness by designing and building three-dimensional items out of everyday objects. Will your piece perform a function, have form, or both?

  • Jun 24

    • Teamwork is needed for this epic building workshop! Participants will learn how to construct a temporary structure to be used as a shelter and imaginative play from raw and found materials, such as cardboard and plywood. Family and friends are invited to complete the project by interacting with the space at the end of the week.

    • Birds, insects, mammals—we all observe and interpret the world around us differently. Abstraction is a way to visualize how we might view the world creatively. Artists will create their own series of abstract sculptures, using materials such as plaster and clay that are inspired by the natural world around Hallam Lake and beyond.

    • Artists are inspired by the world around them, from simple, everyday objects to complex ideas. Young artists will transform the textures from our worlds, including our favorite foods! We will create large-scale, abstract sculptures, beautiful enough to make you want to take a bite!