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Aspen Art Museum


Rooftop Café


Buttermilk Waffle
Anson Mills rice flour, black raspberry compote, beurre de baratte, Tree Juice maple syrup 13

Latke Waffle
crispy potato waffle, smoked salmon + roe, crème frâiche, dill 15

Huevos Rancheros
Rancho Gordo black beans, fried tortillas, roasted poblano, fried eggs, queso fresco, salsa verde, pickled red onion, cilantro (gluten free) 16

Today’s Soup
butternut + kabocha squash, Stony Brook pepitas, baguette 16 (vegan)

Citrus Grain Salad
arugula + bitter greens, emmer farro berries, roasted carrot, dehydrated Asian pear, marcona almonds, orange-honey vinaigrette 17 (vegan)

little gem + bitter greens, roasted chicken thigh, parmiggiano, house croutons, anchovy vinaigrette 19 (vegan)

Hot Ham + Cheese Sandwich
baguette, ham, comté, mustard, yuzu marmalade, arugula, potato chips 18

Garden Sandwich
country loaf, Hook’s 5 Year cheddar, yuzu aioli, cucumber, avocado, sprouts, pickled red onion, potato chips 18
(add housemade vegan ‘bacon’ +5)
(add Nueske’s bacon +5)

Kids Grilled Cheese
country loaf, Challerhocker, apples 12

Sides and Bar Snacks

Soft-scrambled eggs
chives 6

Nueske’s Bacon
maple 5

oatmeal raisin 3


baguette or sourdough, beurre de baratte 4
(add local honey +1)
(add yuzu marmalade +3)

Charcuterie Plate
jamon, Etna pistachio salami, Hook’s 5 Year cheddar, Humboldt Fog aged goat cheese, Ibarra peppers, baguette, radish 24 (contains nuts)
Marinated Olives

Marcona Almonds
tarragon 6

Potato Chips
(add yuzu-togarashi aioli +2)

Drinks (All Day)

Drip Coffee 4

Americano 4

Espresso 4

Cappuccino 5

Latte 6

Mocha 6.5

Hot Chocolate 6

Fresh orange juice 6

Kettl Matcha Latte 7

Sencha or Yame Black Tea hot or iced 5

Oolong Tea served hot 5

Buckwheat Tea decaffeinated 5

House Lemonade 4

Coke or Diet Coke 3.5

Topo Chico 3

Yuzu Soda 5

Fresh Orange Juice 6

Mimosa prosecco + orange juice 14


Blackberry Farm Classic Saison 6
Blackberry Farm Golden Ale 6
Oxbow Surfcasting 6
Crooked Stave Juicy West IPA 7
3 Fonteinen Lambic (375ml) 14
Casey Brewing & Blending Peach + Vanilla Funky Blender (750ml) 32


Fossil & Fawn Oregon Chardonnay 16/52
Vignale di Cecilia Prosecco 11/42
Fossil & Fawn Gewurztraminer (orange) 17/52
Domaine Saint Cyr Pet Nat Rosé 16/50
Maloof Where Ya PJ’s At? (rosé) 16/47
Vivanterre MVB Gamay 18/55

We would like to thank the hard workers at Abundant Life Organic Farm, BuildASoil Farm, Chamberlain Farm, Farm Runners, Flipside Farm, Hummingbird Farm, Kinikin Ranch, Mattics Orchards, Paonia Bread Works, Rocking W Dairy, Thistle Whistle Farm, Valley Roots Food Hub for supplying us with such quality ingredients

Food & Beverage Director: Alex Fonseca