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VSSL x AAM Supplies Silver


VSSL x AAM Supplies Silver

The AAM teamed up with VSSL (pronounced “vessel”) for the Zombies: Pay Attention! exhibition to create these special-edition kits, complete with the AAM logo. Grab this kit, chuck it in your bag or glove box, and you’ll be prepared for your next adventure!

VSSL Supplies Silver: Utility Light & Survival Kit

It feels better ascending an exposed face, or hitting your backyard trail, knowing you’re prepared with critical supplies. We made it simple by packing your essential gear inside a military-grade, multi-mode LED light–topped container with an oil-filled compass.

Each VSSL Contains: • Dual-mode (static & SOS) LED flood-beam lantern (batteries included) • Oil-filled compass, to help you find your way in all conditions INDESTRUCTIBLE WATERPROOF CYLINDER

VSSL Supplies Silver Contents: • Three-Mode LED Lantern (static & SOS) • Broad Flood-Based Lantern (illuminates large area)

• Compass (oil-filled)

• Four-Hour Pure Canadian Beeswax Candle

• Razor Blade

• Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets

• Wire Saw, Bow Saw (high-tensile, 60lb working strength)

• First Aid Supplies

• Aluminum Beadless Emergency Whistle

• Waterproof Matches

• Tinder Quik Fire Starters

• Fishing Gear

• Signaling Mirror

• Marine-Grade Rope (250lb breaking strength)

• Reflective Trail Markers

• P38 Military GI–Type Can Opener

• VSSL Priorities of Survival & Instructions