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Aspen Art Museum

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Simon Denny Distant Early Warning Deck


The Aspen Art Museum has partnered with artist Simon Denny to create a limited-edition Distant Early Warning playing card deck. Inspired by the 1969 deck created by communication theorist and philosopher Marshall McLuhan, this twenty-first-century DEW line deck is designed to support users with out-of-the-box problem solving—and can, of course, be used for traditional card games. The playing cards feature artwork by Denny and aphorisms from modern leaders such as Elon Musk, Sheryl Sandberg, Jack Ma and more. Each deck comes with instructions for use and is signed by the artist. Edition of 100.

About the Artist

Simon Denny is a New Zealand contemporary artist based in Berlin. His work has challenged numerous themes entrenched in modern society’s globalized culture: the internet, technological obsolescence, corporate culture, television broadcasting, and national identity. His solo exhibition at the Aspen Art Museum took place in 2012.