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Aspen Art Museum


Roberto Cuoghi: da iḍā e piṅgalā a iḍā e iḍā o piṅgalā e piṅgalā

Feb 13, 2015-May 31, 2015
Roberto Cuoghi’s exhibition at the Aspen Art Museum examines integral themes within his practice, including the history of metamorphosis, the challenges of representation, and the fluidity and hybridity inherent in identity. The title of the exhibition, da iḍā e piṅgalā a iḍā e iḍā o piṅgalā e piṅgalā—a collaboration between the Aspen Art Museum and Le Consortium in Dijon, France—alludes to Cuoghi’s exploration of Assyrian language and rituals, revealing the artist’s interest in how narrative and the act of translation can effect our understanding of history and reality.

AAM exhibitions are made possible by the Marx Exhibition Fund. General exhibition support is provided by the Toby Devan Lewis Visiting Artist Fund.

Roberto Cuoghi’s da iḍā e piṅgalā a iḍā e iḍā o piṅgalā e piṅgalā is co-organized by Le Consortium, centre d'Art, Dijon, and the Aspen Art Museum. The exhibition is funded in part by the AAM National Council. Additional exhibition support is provided by George Lindemann.

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