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Aspen Art Museum


2016–17 AAM and ASC Lift Ticket

Nov 24, 2016-Apr 16, 2017
Los Angeles–based artist Laura Owens’s practice blurs representation and abstraction, borrowing extensively from a wide variety of art historical sources–from Chinese landscape painting and the work of European painters like Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, to Color Field painting and Pop Art. Owens combines the grid and the gesture, balancing stenciled or screenprinted images with hand-painted marks. For the 2016–17 ski season, in collaboration with Aspen Skiing Company, Owens has produced eleven unique designs. Each ticket features a pattern of lemons drawn in a seventies illustration–style and printed in different color variations.
Laura Owens’s 2016–17 lift ticket project is commissioned by the Aspen Art Museum and the Aspen Skiing Company.

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