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Aspen Art Museum


Movies at the Museum

  • Mar 27

    • This film tells the true story of teenage surfer Bethany Hamilton, who overcomes the odds and her own fears of returning to the water after losing her left arm in a shark attack.

  • Apr 24

    • This documentary follows the lives and careers of a collective group of do-it-yourself artists, including Margaret Kilgallen, and designers who inadvertently affected the art world.

  • May 22

    • Camille’s life as a lonely suburban teenager changes dramatically when she befriends a group of girl skateboarders. As she journeys deeper into this raw New York City subculture, she begins to understand the true meaning of friendship.

  • Jun 19

    • Based on the life of folk artist Maud Lewis, this story follows an unlikely romance between Everett Lewis (Ethan Hawke) and Maudie (Sally Hawkins). Maudie, bright-eyed but stricken with arthritis, yearns to be independent, live away from her protective family, and create art.