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Aspen Art Museum


Art Social:
The Aspen Space Station
The Wild Future Outpost

Aug 24, 2022
5:30 PM

Recommended for teens and adults.
Free and open to all.

Registration Required
Register by emailing Teresa Booth-Brown

Join three artists from The Aspen Space Station: The Wild Future Outpost for an evening workshop in three parts. First, we’ll begin with a visualization and journaling exercise, meditating, and imagining the future.

Then participants will write questions they want to be answered 200 years from now on clay tablets. After the workshop, these clay tablets will be fired and buried for 200 years. All participants will receive GPS coordinates via email to identify where the tablets are located. These coordinates will be registered with the Aspen Historical Society.

Lastly, we’ll explore an exercise based on the and American Safety Armor Pod, an artist project where people can retreat during apocalyptic climate events. This artistic pursuit is associated with The Aspen Space Station.

About The Aspen Space Station: The Wild Future Outpost

What if we reverse our ecological damage, harness technology to be helpful without being destructive, and find a way forward that is sexier than any spoon-fed, space fantasy myth Hollywood has imagined for us? The Wild Future is not an apocalyptic one, but one where we live close to nature and the planet’s natural cycles with far less material culture and many more rituals and routines connected to our local community and ecology. For the summer of 2022, The Wild Future at the Aspen Space Station will imagine the future as a place full of pleasure, mystery, and wildness with a few nods to the ugly dystopia we avoided by building better myths and visions now.

Learn more about the Aspen Space Station and Earth Force Climate Command at