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Aspen Art Museum


Soup can Saturday: Ink Blot

Jan 22, 2022
2:00 PM

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The famous “Inkblot Test” invented by the Swiss psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach consisted of a set of images that were interpreted by the patient and then deciphered by a clinician. Warhol creatively misinterpreted the process and thought that the inkblot was created by the patient and then interpreted by a doctor. His inkblot drawings are one of the few instances where the artist created work that did not use a pre-existing image.

Our inkblot project will follow the latter course. We will create inkblots of all sizes and shapes by painting one side of a paper, folding the paper in half, and pressing the sides together to create a mirrored image. In this Saturday printmaking workshop, interpretation is optional and completely up to the creator of the image.

Soup Can Saturday Workshops: Explore the depth of Warhol’s life and practice through interactive classes facilitated by an art museum educator or special guest. Held on select Saturdays in The Factory, participants will learn a new technique or process inspired by an artwork in the exhibition. All classes are designed to encourage connection and appreciation for the known and not-so-well-known ways Andy Warhol approached being an artist in the 20th century. All skill levels and abilities are welcome.