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Aspen Art Museum


Mika Tajima: Pyramids and Pineapples

Jan 1, 2012-Feb 12, 2012
Mika Tajima’s multifaceted artistic practice explores the intersections between architecture and design, visual art, and performance. Connecting geometric abstraction to the contemporary built environment, Tajima’s structures delineate how social space is constructed and hint at its possible reconfigurations. The objects in her installations often perform multiple roles, acting as sculptures while at the same time serving as surrogates for such functional objects as signage, scaffolding, or office furniture. Taking its title from two otherwise dissimilar objects, whose shapes both exhibit the golden ratio, Tajima’s installation for the AAM Future Home site, Pineapples and Pyramids (2011), alluded to the importance of geometry in the history of Western aesthetics.
AAM Future Home site exhibitions are funded in part by the AAM National Council. Works are created as part of the New Aspen Art Museum Site Commissions. Exhibition lectures are presented as part of the Questrom Lecture Series and educational outreach programming is made possible by the Questrom Education Fund.

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