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VSSL x AAM Flask


VSSL x AAM Flask

The AAM teamed up with VSSL (pronounced “vessel”) for the Zombies: Pay Attention! exhibition to create these special-edition kits, complete with the AAM logo. Grab this kit, chuck it in your bag or glove box, and you’ll be prepared for your next adventure!

VSSL Flask: Utility light that holds your booze

The VSSL Flask was specifically designed to help you celebrate the summit, an epic pow day, or good friends around a fire.

Each VSSL Contains: • Dual-mode (static & SOS) LED flood-beam lantern (batteries included) • Oil-filled compass, to help you find your way in all conditions INDESTRUCTIBLE WATERPROOF CYLINDER VSSL Flask Contents: • Three-Mode LED Lantern (static & SOS)

• Broad Flood-Based Lantern (illuminates large area)

• Compass (oil-filled)

• Two Collapsible Stainless Steel Drinking (shot) Glasses

• Custom High-Quality Aluminum VSSL Bottle Opener

• 10oz (300ml) Beverage Container

• Hidden Compartment (can be used as container or third shot glass)

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