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Aspen Art Museum



Possession Obsession: Andy Warhol and Collecting

Possession Obsession is a specially curated store, conceived alongside the exhibition Andy Warhol: Lifetimes. Titled after John W. Smith’s book Possession Obsession: Andy Warhol and Collecting, the shop is inspired by Warhol’s practice as well as aspects of his work and persona, echoing themes that visitors will encounter in the exhibition. Items for sale range from animal balloons and stickers to tableware and clothing, through to fine leather shopping bags and contemporary artworks and special editions by acclaimed international artists.

The Store

The store, a current project at the aspen art museum by Jonathan Berger, is at once an exhibition, meeting point, archive, and place of commerce. It includes more than 350 objects combining found, made, old, new, one-of-a-kind, mass produced, raw and ephemeral materials, some which is widely acknowledged as art or design and some which is not. Objects are priced from free to $50,000.

In this online store you find only a small portion of what is on currently on view at the AAM. More things are being added here on a continual basis during the course of the one year project.