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Aspen Art Museum


Where’s Warhol?


If Andy Warhol could have traveled through time, where would he have gone? *Where’s Warhol? gives him his very own time machine, and finds out… Join Andy on a tour through time as he visits the art of the past. From Michelangelo at work on the Sistine Chapel, to Jean-Michel Basquiat painting the streets of New York, via the French Impressionists and the Bauhaus, Andy has immersed himself in twelve iconic moments from art history and the reader’s challenge is to find him in each. While searching for Andy amongst the crowds, readers can also find a host of historical characters and features from each period. Each scene has been re-created from careful archival research by art historian Catherine Ingram and painstakingly illustrated by Andrew Rae. Educational, fun, and visually engaging, *Where’s Warhol? is the alternative, illustrated guide to the history of art for both adults and children.