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Aspen Art Museum

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Upcycle #5 by Cheryl Donegan


Double Toga Slip Dress with Ring Variation in Drags and Wrapper, from GRLZ Upcycle, 2018

Size small used to create this dress.

As a feminist artist working in an array of mediums, Cheryl Donegan defies categorization to implicitly reinforce the idea of choice and self-empowerment. Donegan’s AAM-commissioned fashion line reinforces this ethos and opens up the possibility of engaging with Donegan’s artwork beyond the gallery space.

This AAM-exclusive fashion collection features a motif based on the artist’s cell phone snapshots of graffiti tags scratched into the collapsible grills of New York City air-conditioner units. Donegan layers, cuts, and distorts these digital images in Photoshop to create a pattern that is then transformed into fabric using print-on-demand technology. To create the Upcycle collection she cuts, stitches, hand dyes and rebuilds to create unique pieces of clothing.

This item is a final sale.