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Aspen Art Museum


Salvador Dali Action Figure


One of art history’s most recognizable, iconic figures, Salvador Dalí (1904–1989), is perhaps best known for his striking, obscure Surrealist work. He joined the Surrealist group in Paris in 1929, and his most recognizable piece is The Persistence of Memory.

As one of Today is Art Day’s “Art History Heroes” action figurines, Dalí emerges in the form of a five-inch-tall, desktop muse, complete with three sets of wacky interchangeable mustaches, his signature melting clock, and five masterpieces to display on a miniature easel. The iconic figurine also comes in a handy box printed with facts to bolster your art-historical knowledge—fulfilling both curiosity and Today is Art Day’s aim to “bring art to its fans in ground-breaking ways.”