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Aspen Art Museum


Landscape Architecture: An Introduction Paperback


By Robert Holden (Author), Jamie Liversedge (Author)

Based on European and international practice, this is a well-illustrated introduction to landscape architecture education and practice. The authors have taught at the University of Greenwich and other universities in Europe (currently Holden is teaching at Istanbul Technical University) and it is illustrated with examples of both education there and elsewhere in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. The book aims to offer an insight into what landscape architecture is as currently practiced and also looks forward to developments in the future and what landscape architecture could be. It gives an overview and is complemented by Construction for Landscape Architecture (2011), which offers an introduction to one aspect of landscape design. So a British-based view that takes a global perspective. Of interest to anyone considering undertaking landscape architecture education, to students of landscape architecture, to careers advisors, and to fellow professionals wanting to understand something of the scope of landscape architecture.