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Gratitude Cards


The makers of the Gratitude Card Set at the School of Life in London remind us that, as humans, we are often best at focusing on what is missing in our lives. While dissatisfaction can keep us from becoming complacent, we also often get into the habit of analyzing what we consider imperfect and forget to notice what is already very good.

This pack of sixty cards is designed to help us pause for a few moments to gain perspective. Packaged in an attractive box for that perfect place on your coffee table or nightstand, the Gratitude Card Set will remind you of things you are grateful for, and will help put you back in touch with your good fortune.

Headquartered in the Bloomsbury section of Central London, the School of Life offers classes and workshops, publishes books, writes articles, creates films, and makes and sells a range of objects and tools that assist in our quest for a more fulfilled life. Learn more about them here: