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Aspen Art Museum


Frida Kahlo Action Figure


As one of art history’s most recognizable and iconic figures, Mexican artist Frida Kahlo (1907–1954) is perhaps best known for painted self-portraits that blended her own highly personal sense of magical, fantastic realism/surrealism with references to indigenous Mexican folkloric traditions and the cultural, political, and societal touchstones that defined her often challenging but revolutionary life and times.

As one of Today is Art Day’s “Art History Heroes” action figurines, Kahlo emerges in the form of a five-inch-tall, rose-scented, desktop muse complete with easel and four miniature artworks inspired by Kahlo’s own, a pet monkey and parrot, and a detachable heart that mirrors her representation within one of her most famous paintings, The Two Fridas (1939). The colorful PVC figurine also comes in a handy box printed with facts to bolster your art-historical knowledge—fulfilling both curiosity and Today is Art Day’s aim to “bring art to its fans in ground-breaking ways.”