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Aspen Art Museum

Mini cubebots Cubebot orange micro colorstory dwc4o 823520db 04cb 4b89 948c 87e547099e16 3600x Cubebot green micro colorstory dwc4gr a9bf157c 4a94 4bd2 9740 bf926184c835 3600x Cubebot blue micro colorstory dwc4b b07d6e00 4fb6 4e60 ada4 0e3dfde6beb5 3600x Cubebot multi micro colorstory dwc4m 27915e56 7d99 43f8 94e7 41db2f0616bc 3600x 2x



These bright, pocket-sized, fun Micro Cubebots fold back into a miniature block perfect for travel, your desk, or anywhere you want to take it. They come in a variety of colors that can brighten your (play) day.