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Aspen Art Museum


Aspen Monopoly


Buy, sell, and trade your way to the summit in this special, limited Aspen edition of the classic real estate game!

The Aspen Art Museum proudly joins other local Aspen landmarks like Wheeler Opera House and Maroon Bells on the game board while the Aspen Skiing Company’s four mountains take the place of the traditional railroads. Income and luxury taxes are replaced by ski passes and fishing licenses while the Community Chest and Chance cards feature locally themed prospects like “make your friends wait on a powder day.”

Players can also choose from custom silver tokens in the likeness of a brown bear, gondola, hiking boot, skier, Aspen leaf, and cowboy hat. Aspen Monopoly is the pièce de résistance to creating a competitive yet cozy indoor atmosphere for your family and friends this winter, and as you accumulate your properties and collect your $200 for passing GO, you can also feel good knowing that a portion of the proceeds from your purchase of this special edition will be donated to the Aspen Community Foundation.

The number of these games produced is limited—get yours while they last!