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Aspen Art Museum


Visual Journals Lesson Plan

July 6: Meeting the Mentor

Create your skeleton! Design the pages for what will become your visual journal. Learn craftsmanship by cutting and sewing paper!

July 13: Call to Adventure

Off to adventure! Glue up a dynamic story by collaging images together, learning composition, and the rule of thirds.

July 20: Tests, Allies, and Enemies

Be tested and make friends with the enemy! Experiment with the printmaking technique of monoprinting. Play with abstract designs and color ink.

July 27: Crossing The Threshold

Hide messages in secret compartments! Learn to form textures and visual depth by layering acrylic paint and different kinds of paper.

Aug 3: The Ordeal

There’s no going back! Experience the meticulous creation of a relief print by carving a linocut. Once you make a move, you can’t undo it. This printmaking technique will require planning and patience!

Aug 10: Seizing the Sword
Gather all that you’ve learned and secure your prize! Your book cover will reflect your journey!

August 17: Finishing Touches
Welcome back hero/heroine to the ordinary world! Now it’s time to implement what you’ve learned in your daily life!