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Aspen Art Museum


Connecting the Aspen Art Museum’s artists and ideas to the widest audience possible, outreach programs aim to provide access to contemporary art and the global community. The following are a selection of community organizations that have ongoing collaborations with the museum:

Aspen Camp for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Museum educators design interactive workshops on contemporary art for families participating in Aspen Camp for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Family Connection Camps. Designed to improve communication between family members, these workshops use an art-centered dialogue to help break down language barriers while providing lasting memories.

The Buddy Program

The Buddy Program offers a series of interactive workshops that introduce contemporary art to buddy pairs while also fostering communication and friendship. These workshops provide participants an opportunity to look at and talk about art on their own and with others, as well as an engaging art-making activity.

English in Action

The museum provides English in Action—a local nonprofit that helps adult immigrants improve their English language and leadership skills—a series of workshops that provide learners an opportunity to hone their vocabulary and practice public speaking skills through the process of looking at and talking about contemporary art.

The Shining Stars Foundation

The Shining Stars Foundation’s annual Aspen Summer Adventure Program, a week-long camp for children ages 8–12 facing cancer or another life-threatening disease, includes a visit and activity at the Aspen Art Museum. The program is designed to foster new relationships between participants while giving them challenging and therapeutic experiences.

For more information on community collaborations, please contact the Education Department at 970.925.8050 ext. 132 or email

AAM education programs are made possible by the Questrom Education Fund.