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Aspen Art Museum


Art Pen Pals

New for 2021!

Art Pen Pals is an opportunity for artists and adults living in the Roaring Fork Valley to connect and create a collaborative artwork during times of distancing and isolation. This is also an opportunity to rediscover the lost art of the pen pal.

For more information, please contact Vanessa Harvey at

The following community members are involved in the 2021 Spring Session:

Art Pen Pal: Susan Barbour
Artist: Kathy Honea

Art Pen Pal: Michael Ohern
Artist: Sue Tatem

Art Pen Pal: Liz Frazier
Artist: Trace Nichols

Art Pen Pal: Joan Tidwell
Artist: Annette Roberts-Gray

Art Pen Pal: Judy Kravitz
Artist: Sharon Wells

Art Pen Pal: Joanna Belmont
Artist: Linda Loeschen

Art Pen Pal: Laura Grindstead
Artist: Ali O’Neal

Art Pen Pal: Michael Montesillo
Artist: Wewer Keohane

Art Pen Pal: Audrey Lisman
Artist: Heather Hopper

Art Pen Pal: Silvia Rodriguez
Artist: Nancy Lovendahl

Art Pen Pal: Txell Pedragosa
Artist: Vanessa Harvey
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