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Aspen Art Museum


Pier Paolo Calzolari

Dec 22, 2017-Jun 10, 2018

Italian artist Pier Paolo Calzolari’s practice is rooted in his desire to break down the separation between art and life. As an Arte Povera artist, Calzolari is driven by an interest in everyday life’s “poor” materials—objects and things—to create paintings, sculptures, performances, and installations with diverse elemental materials, such as fire, salt, lead, moss, wood, and ice. Growing up in Venice, the artist was surrounded by the city’s Byzantine heritage and deeply influenced by the light of the “unreal city” and the way it reflected and moved along the architecture. Out of this experience arose his research on the absolute white embodied by his frozen sculptures, a process of constant transformation emphasizing the passage of time and its crystallization.

Calzolari’s Aspen Art Museum exhibition marks the artist’s first solo museum show in the United States. Focused on the theme of fire and ice, and the relationship between these two elemental states, the exhibition features a highly curated selection of works that reveal the alchemical transformation of matter.

AAM exhibitions are made possible by the Marx Exhibition Fund. General exhibition support is provided by the Toby Devan Lewis Visiting Artist Fund.

Works from the Exhibition