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Aspen Art Museum


Learning events

  • Mar 31

    • Open to all

      Sahra Motalebi offers a series of in-person community workshops at the Aspen Art Museum from her ongoing project VOICE/S that began in 2018. These collaborative sessions expand the definition of the voice, inspiring a network of open-ended questions. Moving between our individual and collective vocalities, we find unexpected poetics, multiple modes of expression, and listening as an aspect of the voice itself.

      No previous artistic or vocal experience required. All are welcome.

  • Apr 1

    • Free and open to all.
      Registration Required

      In a one-hour improvisational vocal-only performance, Motalebi produces phonographs, or voice-writings, that conjure relationships between agency, technology, playback, and silence.

  • Apr 7

    • Free and Open to All
      Registration Required

      Join architect Chad Oppenheim at the Aspen Art Museum as he takes guests on an immersive journey through his firm’s work and philosophy that aims to realign and reconnect us to the world around us. His award-winning firm, Oppenheim Architecture, is known for architecture that celebrates the natural world and the inherent power of each site.

  • Apr 19

  • Apr 21

  • Apr 22

  • Apr 23

  • Apr 27

  • May 19

  • Jun 21

    • 3:30 PM Wednesday Workshop

      Wednesday Workshop: Pine Car Derby

      Free and open to all.
      No registration is required.
      Drop in!

      This June, our Wednesday Workshops invite kids of all ages to create small pine cars for a big race at the museum on July 4. The pine car and design supplies will be provided for free at each workshop.