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Aspen Art Museum

  • Jul 26

    • Hallam Lake serves as the magical backdrop for imagination, play and the creation of art through a variety of mediums. The Aspen Art Museum and Aspen Center for Environmental Studies are excited to announce their collaborative Summer Workshops for kids entering Kindergarten in Fall 2021! Participants will learn about bugs, trees, animals and flowers, and create artwork based on inspiration from each theme! Nature lends itself to fun and games and the opportunity to create playful art.

  • Jul 29

    • At The Hotel Jerome

      Free and open to the public.

      Register for this event here.

      Two iconic Aspen institutions come together this summer with THE ART SCENE, a series curated by Aspen Art Museum at Hotel Jerome. Giving guests unprecedented access to iconic artists and creators from around the globe, and co-hosted by Andrew Travers, Arts Editor of The Aspen Times, the series will explore a variety of fascinating topics from botany and nature, to pop photography, and what really happens behind the scenes at the museum. Celebrate the incredible talents and impressive pursuits of visual tastemakers in a totally unique setting, all while sipping on curated art-inspired cocktails during each installment of THE ART SCENE.

  • Jul 31

  • Aug 3

    • 4 PM ArtCrush

      Private Collection Visit

      Invite Only

      The Aspen Art Museum has a historic program of collection visits, which offers access to some of Aspen’s most iconic private homes.

      Spaces for these visits are limited and priority will be given to AAM members

      If you are interested in joining this event or future collection visits, please see our membership benefits and become a member today!

    • Invite Only

      Location to be shared upon registration

      We welcome British-Nigerian artist Zina Saro-Wiwa to Aspen to unveil some of her rare and delicious botanical gins from her Illicit Gin Institute distillery. The Illicit Gin Institute is a thinktank and distillery created by the artist that explores the poetics and possibilities of palm wine gin—also known as “kaikai” or “ogogoro” or “illicit gin.” A spirit that, like tequila or clairin rum, was at first created by necessity as an inexpensive drink. Unlike tequila or rum, however, it has not yet been understood or appreciated globally. In this smoky yet smooth palm wine spirit, Saro-Wiwa sees a potent vehicle for storytelling, regeneration, and environmental repair. A voice for the maligned but historically Edenic Niger Delta region from which she hails. She has woven the gin into her art practice since 2013, and it has now culminated in the building of her own distillery and a research drive into Niger Delta botanicals and foodways. The tasting will consist of an introductory lecture and tastings of some of the botanical gins produced by her experimental distillery in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Her delicious botanical gin chocolates will also be offered.

  • Aug 4

    • 12 PM ArtCrush


      Invite Only

      Pine Creek Cookhouse

      Cooking collective Spiral Theory Test Kitchen—Precious Okoyomon, Bobbi Salvör Menuez, Quori Theodor, and SK Lyons—present THE NOTHING, a post-Anthropocene eating experience and once in a lifetime culinary adventure. Enjoy a hike up to Pine Creek Cookhouse, followed by a sumptuous, out-of-this-world feast surrounded by the mountains.

    • Registration Required

      Aspen Art Museum

      Zina Saro-Wiwa’s next Illicit Gin Institute event is all about fruit and flowers. The artist will lecture once again on the gin and her practice with some emphasis on the idea of “sweetness” and the place of flowers in Nigerian culture. The tasting will open with a plain gin and a toast to the ancestors, followed by botanical gins flavored with unusual botanicals such as green orange peel and hibiscus. Bright and refreshing champagne cocktails that feature not only the gins but also bitters made from local Niger Delta basils and bitter leaves will also be offered.

    • Wednesday, August 4, 6–9 PM
      Thursday, August 5, 2–8 PM
      Friday, August 6, 10 AM–4 PM

      Into the Wood is a new pop-up, interactive installation by Los Angeles–based artist Adam Stamp. Created for ArtCrush 2021 and presented by L'Officiel Magazine, Into the Wood will provide a backdrop for Aspen Art Museum visitors to be photographed.

    • 6 PM ArtCrush

      ArtCrush Welcome Party

      Limited to AAM Members and ArtCrush Ticket Buyers

      Registration required

      Join the AAM and L'Officiel in celebrating the launch of ArtCrush 2021 with a welcome party at the museum. Exhibitions on view include Cerith Wyn Evans’s Aspen Drift; Precious Okoyomon’s *Every Earthly Morning the Sky’s Light touches Ur Life is Unprecedented in its Beauty; Shara Hughes; as well as the ArtCrush auction galleries and The Store. The event also marks the launch of L'Officiel’s Photobooth project, a weeklong pop up photography studio in the museum.

    • Ticketed by ACES coming soon

      ACES invites you to the top of Aspen Mountain for their 4th annual Stars Above Aspen Astronomy Night! In partnership with Aspen Snowmass, explore the cosmos from 11,212 feet at this all-ages event that’s sure to be out of this world.