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Aspen Art Museum

  • Jun 26

    • 4 PM Slow. Look. Live.

      Slow.Look.Live. Andros Zins-Browne

      Join us at 4 p.m. (MT) as we welcome dancer, choreographer, and interdisciplinary artist Andros Zins-Browne to help us reflect on the need to rethink death in our lives at this moment, and elaborate on his own experiences of recognizing his limits as an artist and of art making itself right now. The talk will also include a reading of several texts that have resonated with him during quarantine and his consideration of the revolutionary potentials of trying to learn from worms.

  • Jul 1

    • In this week’s Art Studio Live!, learn how to create simple masks with tons of personality. Please join us on Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. (MT) to cut, bend, and shape one paper plate into a 3-dimensional face that is sure to impress friends and family.

  • Jul 3

    • 4 PM Slow. Look. Live.

      Slow.Look.Live. Blake Paskal

      Blake Paskal is an artist, educator, and Visual Aids Program Associate based in Brooklyn, New York. For this Slow.Look.Live session, Paskal will speak about their experience as a queer Black person watching the conversation shift over the past few months as people take to the streets in protest. They will also speak about the way that touch, intimacy, and bodily comfort manifest in their artistic practice.

  • Jul 8

    • Do you love creating functional artwork that you can play with as a toy?! Did you participate in one of the first Art Studio Live! classes when we made marionette puppets? Join us on Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. (MT) to create new GIANT puppets out of paper bags!

  • Jul 10

    • 10 AM Slow. Look. Live.

      Slow.Look.Live. Lena Henke

      Artist Lena Henke will speak about her decision to relocate from New York to Berlin this past month, and the stark contrast in the cultural and behavioral response to the pandemic in each location. She will reflect on the ways that the pandemic has altered the landscape of the global art world, as travel slows and time takes on new meaning. The artist will also speak about the interconnectedness of the personal and the professional, and will show printouts of recent sculptural works that delve into introspective themes.

  • Jul 17

    • 4 PM Slow. Look. Live.

      Artist Jeffrey Gibson

      Initiated during this period of unprecedented physical distancing, Slow.Look.Live., offers an occasion to slow down and reflect with deeper intention on artistic processes and dialogues. Introducing a range of artists, curators, and thinkers, the new initiative focuses on how perception, creation, and community are being shaped by our various current geographical locations. Each week, we chart the relationships of our guests to the changing world, their immediate environments, and their studios. As we continually redefine how art can be made and experienced, Slow.Look.Live., will evolve indefinitely as a core program for Aspen Art Museum’s visitors and beyond.

  • Jul 22

    • 2:30 PM Art Studio Live!

      Art Studio Live!
      Let’s Draw Together

      For this Art Studio Live! lesson, we’ll use objects or pictures found around the home to draw a scene that represents your identity, interests, or background. You only need a few simple materials and your imagination.

  • Jul 24

    • Brooklyn-based Keonna Hendrick is a cultural strategist, educator, and author who nurtures equity through art and museum education. Her teaching, writing, and strategic planning reflect her commitment to providing all audiences with educational experiences that promote critical thinking, expand cultural perceptions, and support self-actualization. Hendrick will engage in a conversation about dismantling repressive systems in museum education, as well as anti-racist approaches to teaching and communication.

  • Jul 29

    • Join Elisabeth from the Aspen Art Museum and Phebe from Aspen Center for Environmental Studies (ACES) for a special Art Studio Live! Elisabeth and Phebe will take a nature walk around Hallam Lake to explore the design of animal homes, natural art-making materials, and the wonderful relationship between art, nature, and impermanence!

  • Jul 31

    • Lauren King is a soloist with the New York City Ballet whose Slow.Look.Live. session will engage with Maren Hassinger’s Roof Deck Sculpture Garden installation Paradise Regained (2020). Hassinger’s spindly and curved wire structures are inspired by the movement of grasses and reeds swaying in the wind, and appear to dance with the changing shadows of the day. For her session of Slow.Look.Live., King will speak about her evolving relationship to movement at this time and will lead viewers in a dance activity inspired by Hassinger’s installation.