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Aspen Art Museum


The Great Debate: Is there such a thing as bad art?

Sep 28, 2017
5:00 PM
637 East Hyman Ave

Following the centuries-old format of the Oxford Union, this debate will tackle one of the most fundamental questions of contemporary art: is there such a thing as bad art? Once the speakers have put forth their arguments, the discussion will open up to the audience for deliberation and a final vote.

Moderated by Carolyn Sackariason, News Director, Aspen Public Radio

Arguing For the Proposition:
1. Lissa Ballinger, Owner, Walnut 5 Art Advisory, and Art Curator, Aspen Institute
2. Robert Martin, Dean, Isaacson School for Communication, Art, and Media, Colorado Mountain College

Arguing Against the Proposition:
1. Teresa Booth Brown, Interim Artistic Director of Painting, Drawing, and Printmaking, Anderson Ranch Arts Center
2. Adam Lerner, Director and Chief Animator, Museum of Contemporary Art Denver

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